We are Bloody Dice and our vision is to play the music the same way we want to hear music, with dynamics and swing and bring back and to emphasize simplicity and honest expression in rock. Guitarist Nickie Jensen, Denmark, played in the modern Melodic Rock band Violmace. Drummer Kenneth Olsen, also from Denmark, played in Progressive Metal band Royal Hunt. Bassist Stuart O’Neill, who is British, was involved with Spanish speaking Heavy Metal outfit, Mal Costumbre. Vocalist Dagfinn Joensen, from the Faroe Islands, is best known for being the lead singer in the reborn Danish, eighties AOR Rock band Fate.

Bloody Dice is an explosive and electrifying rock band that has been mesmerizing audiences with their intense sound and captivating performances. With their distinctive fusion of unfiltered passion, gritty authenticity, infectious hooks, and a touch of bluesy aggression, Bloody Dice has firmly established themselves as a formidable powerhouse in the realm of pure rock music.

CD Bloody Dice

The new highly accredited album was recorded at Sweet Silence Studios in Denmark and was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Flemming Rasmussen. All music written by Bloody Dice.

In an era dominated by artificial perfection and digital manipulation, Bloody Dice stands as a beacon of authenticity in the music industry. Their vision is simple yet profound: to play music the way they want to hear it, infused with dynamics and soulful “swing.” At a time when autotune, quantization, and over compression dictate the norm, Bloody Dice champions the return of simplicity and honest expression.

Amidst the homogenized sounds shaped by plugins and smart apps, Bloody Dice takes a bold step in the opposite direction. The band laments the industry’s departure from its roots, yearning for music that resonates with human warmth and genuine imperfections.

This band’s journey has been defined by a year of dedicated rehearsals, songwriting, and honing their craft. Now, they are poised to grace both Danish and international stages, offering a genuine, old-school hard rock and metal experience. Bloody Dice’s debut album, a testament to their passion and dedication, is a promising harbinger of the revival of true music, where raw energy and honest expression take precedence over artificial perfection. Fans of authentic music have much to anticipate from this remarkable band as they embark on their musical odyssey.

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